The Digital Matted Album

from Graphistudio is the peak of style and luxury.

• Refined styling and exquisite details

• Tactile finishes with raised features

• Multiple types of papers and finishes in the same book

• Stunning colors and textures

You have to see these in person to fully appreciate them.  The best way I've ever encountered to show off your photos.  Sample album is available for you to see. 

The Digital Matted Album

The Wedding Book

The Wedding Book

The most popular of the books I offer.  These books are of the highest quality.  Extremely versatile, they are customized to match your unique wedding style.

• Thick, flat-lay, seamless pages

• Amazing picture color and contrast

• Beautiful panoramic spreads

Sizes: 12x8,  9.5x9.5, 13x9.5.  Can make larger upon request

Covers: Metal, Silk, Leatherette, Varnished, Leather, Die Cut Leatherette Crystal Glance, Die Cut Leather, Distressed Leather, Nappa Leather, Die Cut Distressed, Die Cut Nappa

Samples available to view

The Young Book

Fresh and up to date, the Young Book perfectly encapsulates the fine balance between timeless craftsmanship and the interpretation of a yet unexpressed desire. It an - swers the call for a product different from formal, classic and sumptuous books, allowing to choose a simple and fresh product instead, ideal for those who love a combination of modern aesthetics and practicality. 

A state-of-the-art product where lay - outs are the main characters. Young is a book of minimal and rigid lines, composed by different elements combined in a refined harmonic bal - ance of materials and shapes, which become the focal point of a line re - flecting the personality of those who choose it.

Young Book represents going beyond a formal, and yet unsurpassed limit, where the book was obtained through the creation of thick covers, with round spines. Today curves dis - appear, covers get thinner making way to the essential shapes of the box and book for a minimal and sim - ple result which denotes a strong avant-garde taste.